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Washer Tech LLC specializes in all forms of washers. Through an acquisition at auction Washer Tech acquired all of Pelican/ J.H. Rosenbeck’s washer tooling approximately 9,000 sets.Washer Tech’s services range from quantities from 1 to millions. Our services also include but are not limited to heat treating, tumbling, plating and military packing. Our current material capabilities are .0005-.187 thick washers. We would be pleased to quote all of your washer needs. This web page has date bases which cover many of our standard tools, there are many more we are looking to add as time warrants. 

                       For all your custom washer needs.
  • Flat Washers
  • Bellville Spring Washers
  • Counter Sunk Single or Double Sided
  • Straight Cups with or without Hole
  • Terminal Cups and Lipped Terminal Cups
  • Pronged Type Wire Keepers
  • Slotted Spring Washers 4 and 6 Slot
  • Four Finger Spring Washers
  • U Bend, V Bend and U bend with flats
  • Wave Washers   2 Wave, 3 wave, 4 wave and 6 Wave
  • Flange Cups and Centering Washers
  • All Variations of Flat Nuts
  • Push On Nuts
  • J and U Bend Nuts
    We look forward to working with you in the near future! 


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